Our Services

Customized Design

Our design team conducts regular consultation with lead practicing Chefs to constantly improvise the designs of our products so as to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of the market.
Innovation and keeping up with the trends of the market are key factors attributing to the competitiveness of our products.
In that way, clients can always be assured of the high efficiency and ergonomics appeal of our products.

Servicing & Repair

Regular servicing and maintenance of the kitchen equipment is essential in prolonging their lifespan and optimizing their performance.
In Jackie’s, we believe in providing full spectrum of services for our clients, including warranties, after-sales and technical support, giving our clients the assurance on the reliability of our products.
In the event of equipment breakdown, our ready team of qualified and experienced technicians will greatly minimized the downtime on operations, thereby reducing any potential losses.

Government Incentives (PIC Grants)

If you are a registered business in Singapore, you can enjoy huge tax savings in the form of cash payouts and/or tax deductions when you purchase commercial kitchen equipment. Commercial kitchen equipment is eligible for PIC credits, either as a 60% cash refund or 400% tax deduction.
Terms and conditions apply.
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